Andy Pacino

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Introducing Andy

Andy was born on the European award winning housing estate, Falcon Lodge, in Sutton Coldfield, but spent his formative years in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, attending George Eliot High School. This is where his teacher, Phil Evans, first realised he had a talent for writing. However, Andy left school with no qualifications, and it wasn't until 1994 that he went back into education, gaining an Access to HE from South Trafford College, in Manchester. After graduating from Bangor University, North Wales, with an English Literature degree and a number of student films under his belt, Andy spent a large part of his career working as a journalist at Britain's most notorious national newspaper, The Daily Sport. The first book he had published was Sir Alex, United and Me, but the experience wasn't a good one, and he had to sue his publisher to get paid. Since then he has gone on to write, direct and act in his debut feature film, Out of Court, and has produced countless music videos for indie bands in and around the Manchester area. Part of his repertoir in production was the special limited edition documentary film on one of the UK's most collectable artists, Geoffrey Key, How Great Thine Art series, the other featuring up and coming starlet, Olivia Pilling. As the head of a media production company, he also edited the World Cup single video, England's Heartbeat, for Manchester's most famous band, The Fall. During the early 90s, Andy produced his first art installation, which gained local, then national, and finally world-wide notoriety. He has been the subject of award winning Cutting Edge Channel 4 documentary, and has appeared as a guest speaker on many TV magazine shows, including the Big Breakfast and Kilroy. He is a regular contributor to other TV shows including Channel 5's award winning series, Special Forces Heroes, and BBC's 5 Live, contributing as a specialist of the Sierra Leone civil war and the SAS as well as Seren, Denmark's prime time Premier League football station. These days, as well as writing, he runs an online art gallery, exclusively represents a number of artists from the UK, consults on art purchases, installations and private collections and works in the Middle East in ELT and education.

Andy is also part fo the Digest team, who regularly interview some of the world's leading experts on education, art and entrepreneurialism, as well as offering a series of academic development tutorials. Here's the channel, feel free to subscribe.