This is Andy’s first collection of poetry. Inspired by things that make him laugh and cry, it’s a gentle intro into the world that moves him. It’s not a single styles that pervades the pages, but a mixture of happy, miserable, heartbreaking, loving and even soul destroying poems.

Here’s a sample:


Oh, Manchester. I never would’ve guessed,
That for some reason beating hard in my chest,
You’re never out of my head.
And with every rising sun I see,
That here, within, lives a truth in me.
As many others through rose tinted specs have read

Of three, kings before all we purvey,
Bring close the love and fortune, yes, we,
Forever and ever, our men, standing soaked,
Before the world, braves,
Risen from the wombs of knaves’
Wives’ bellies and grown as oak.

Yes, supple as wind battered willow,
Dreaming on goose down pillows.
Never weeping sad in bed.
Glad are we who see these kings,
Adorned in battle colours glory brings,
Both Blue and Red.

“Welcome to Manchester,” blared the shroud,
Where men stand bonded, proud,
Strong and silent,
Together, this city grew mighty,
Hand-built by Citizens United,
Sent from Heaven? Perhaps. Heaven sent.

Herein lies the heart that beats,
Despising of those hollow-rich weak who cheat,
Themselves and us of pride. Decency lacks.
We watch from sides with cold,
Breath lingering on freezing sun risen air, gold,
In mist as salmons leap and summer sleeps laid back.

Our colours steadfast and true,
Loyal to shirts Red or Blue,
Still here, we’re still here. But we’re never won.
Not kissing crests to desert twixt moon and noon,
As one lover meeting another soon,
Standing left one second, then right, then gone.

Feeling no guilt, no shame,
But with pockets filled of cheap grain,
Easily won.
No, mercenary love is no love at all, cheat!
Fuck your Lies and ram your Deceit.
I despise your greed, be gone.

You can read the whole collection here