Geoffrey Key: Saltglaze Pot

Saltglaze Pot

It’s not often one gets an insight into the world of Geoffrey Key.

Geoffrey Key is one of Britain’s most important living artists
and he is well collected both nationally and internationally.

He’s also a very private man and rarely allows anyone to watch him work, let alone a film company to record it all.

This film, Saltglaze Pot, brings still life to real life. Devised and produced by writer and filmmaker Andy Pacino, this 40-minute film takes painter, Geoffrey Key, as its subject, focussing on the creation of one of his important pictures.

Captured over two days, the film brings the viewer into a rare contact with Key, showing the master at work and talking us through the process of his creation and enlightening us on his mentors, his influences and his thoughts on the modern day art.

‘If I could talk about my work I’d be a writer, not a painter’ is the response Geoffrey Key usually gives when asked to give interviews or lectures on the subject.

Yet in this unique production, Andy Pacino has secured a rare insight into the artist’s thoughts and application as he works through a single painting.

Set in Key’s own studio, the story of the painting’s creation unfolds and comes to life through detailed and intimate observations and descriptions evoked and given by the interviewer and artist.

The film reveals the mastery of the artist’s handling of drawing and painting, the development of ideas and ultimately gives the viewer a renewed understanding of the meaning of what an artist does.

This special presentation edition is produced in consultation with and with the full cooperation of Geoffrey Key and is restricted to just 1,000 copies.

This beautifully packaged DVD is a must for any owner of a Geoffrey Key piece. You can order yours by emailing me for further information.

These collectible presentation DVDs are available for only £25 each (UK P&P inclusive).