Out Of Court

This was Andy’s first attempt at making a feature film. He was inspired by his own true life story when his ex partner withheld contact from his son. When he felt betrayed by the British legal system, he wanted to take matters into his own hands, but realised that would only lead to a life of prison.

Then he wrote the script for Our Of Court (Originally titled This Is What Happens), advertised for actors, editor, cameraman and production crew, and the film was born. Andy swears the film helped him in a way therapy never could. In the film he had his character do what he had wanted to do when family law failed him.

With so many men experiencing¬†similar¬†situations, Out Of Court has become a staple therapy diet. Hopefully, that won’t be the case for much longer, and hopefully the family judicial system will work a way out for men in similar positions before Out Of Court becomes someone’s true life nightmare.

Watch the film in full here.